12 December 2012     Florida December


It has been a little while since I updated this thing. Sorry! I am currently training in Florida and itching to start the new season which will start for me at home in Auckland on the 31st of December.


I had a minor injury in my hip during Dallas and the US Open this year, which took me out from the rest of the season. I recovered well however and now I am sweating it out on the courts in Florida to get prepared for 2013.


It has not been all work over here. Last weekend I went to an Aerosmith concert, which was fantastic (pictured). I am also booked in to see the USA release of the Hobbit next week.


I hope everyone has a terrific Christmas. I will be home for the 25th so I am very excited as well!


See ya.

24 August 2012     Dallas

Today Christian, Heather and I got to go horseback riding here in Dallas, Texas. I have never been on a horse in my life so for me it was a terrific experience. My horse's name was Jet and we trotted around for a half an hour or so in the hot Dallas sun. We did not want to go for too long as we have a doubles match this evening, however the little excursion was very relaxing and I am really keen on doing it again sometime. NZ might be the perfect place to pick up this hobby!


See ya,



16 July 2012     Finals in Stanford

 Hi There!


Currently I am in Stanford, California. Today, later this afternoon my partner Heather Watson and I play the doubles final. We had a little photo opportunity yesterday with the mascot of the tournament, the Bank of the West Bear, so I thought I would share it.


Wish us luck!


See ya



14 May 2012     Rome 2012

 Hi There


Currently I am in Rome. This is a picture of me at the Trevi Fountain. Rome is an amazing city full of ancient history wherever you turn. I have been doing my best to see all that I can this week in between practices and matches. There are still a few more items on my list to see, like the Vatican and maybe a few more gelato stores :) I will definitely try to come back here one day in the future, but only as a tourist, that way I will see much more!

7 April 2012     Player Party Charleston

 The other night I was at the player party in Charleston, South carolina. They really did a good job that evening, providing us with some great food and entertainment. One of the activites available to us was painting. I really got stuck into that one and here pictured was my finished product. I do not think I will be quitting my day job but it was a lot of fun.

28 February 2012     Gibson Guitar Factory

 While I was in Memphis last week I had the opportunity to visit the Gibson guitar factory. I had a private tour of the place and it was incredible.


The way these guitars are made from the first piece of wood to the last layer of paint is very skillful. It takes three weeks to make one guitar and this particular factory produces 50-60 per day.


At the end of the tour I got to try out some of the finished product. A very nice semi -hollowed red Gibson caught my eye and it sounded great. I did not take one home but I will definitely keep it in mind for the future.


I am currently in Florida for a training week. To be back in the warm weather is a beautiful thing. Sunshine here I come.


Till next time



29 January 2012     January almost over

 I am currently in Boca Raton Florida. I have a training week here before I head off for my next events. 


I was in NZ for nearly 3 months. WOW! Maybe a record for me. This will now be my first real big trip of the new year. I really enjoyed my time back home and now that I have been away for a couple of days I guess I start to reminisce. 


Tonight is the Australian Open mens final. It is on at 3:30am over here. I think I might miss it. I am still jet lagged but not that bad.


Things are still the same old here in sunny Florida. Wide roads, big cars, enormous supermarkets, avg population over 70, yep all boxes ticked.


I am training hard at the moment so I am off to bed for an early night. Here is a picture of me at Shakespear regional park from back home this summer. Good times.

29 October 2011     End of the Year

 The year is done for me. I have officially put my feet up and will enjoy a 2-week blissful little holiday. The off-season training will start soon however, so tuning down now for a bit will be very much needed.


I would like to thank everyone for your support and comments on my website this year. I really appreciate it. I try my best to answer all your questions and I have to say I am very grateful for this website where I can connect to many tennis fans. The year is now done for me tournament wise, however next year will roll around soon and I am extremely motivated to reach higher levels and achieve many more goals.


I hope everyone enjoys the summer period back home and all those that are not in the southern hemisphere well you better come over quick.


17 October 2011     Sunday what a day!

 Today was a good day. I won the doubles title here in Linz, Austria with my partner Elena and the All Blacks beat Australia in the Rugby. Pretty terrific.


They did not show the rugby match here on the television in Austria, but I managed to get online and see most of it that way. My dad and I were loud supporters, we got a few stares in the player lounge but that did not matter. For my day to be really complete I wish there was an Australian around but I guess you cannot have everything in life.


Off to Luxembourg tomorrow. It is an eight-hour drive here from Linz so car tunes here I come. Hope everybody back home had a great Sunday, I sure did.


Good Night!

26 September 2011     Training in Florida

 So I am in my last training block here in Florida before I say goodbye for the year. I say this many times to a lot of people but playing here in Florida is like exercising in a sauna. The humidity is so high that I am literally drenched after an hours work on the court.


I am close to the beach here, but the water is very very warm, around 27 degrees celsius. I have to say I prefer the cold shock of entering the water back home. At least there you get refreshed, here it's like swimming in a kiddy pool.


Another ten days or so and I head for Europe to play in my last few events before the off season. The training is going great and there are a lot of great tennis players around to get the motivation going. One of them is Chris Evert pictured here with me. A truly great lady and I am fortunate enough to use her centre, the Evert Tennis Academy for my training.



1 September 2011     NYC

 I have been in NYC for the last ten days or so for the US Open. I am very lucky this time however because I am joined by my big sister Julia. Probably the loudest supporter I have on the sideline I am thrilled that she is here.


We have been doing a little bit of sight seeing her and I. However the I part is very minimal. We will try to go see the statue of liberty today. The weather is looking great for it and a little bit of a jostle on a boat won't be too difficult after an earthquake and a hurricane.


This picture was taken of us at Rockerfeller centre where NYC has its big Christmas tree and party every year.

30 July 2011     Sight seeing in San Fran

 The other day I got to check out a few sights in San Francisco. I took a boat ride around Alcatraz and then under the Golden Gate bridge. I also saw Lombard street which is one of the most craziest windy streets I have ever seen.


Over all a very cool city with lots of hills and great weather. 

3 July 2011     Wimbledon

 Tammy and I having a bit of fun on centre court.

22 May 2011     Notre Dame

 Today was a day off of sorts for me. After the last few days of matches I had a light practice this morning and in the afternoon I went to see the Notre Dame cathedral here in Paris.


I have been there once before a long time ago with my family, however my Coach has never seen it so I went along with him.


Tell you what sight seeing for me, even for a couple of hours, is a killer and I would definitely prefer anything else that does not require long consistent walking in the sun. However sometimes you got to make the effort and see a bit of the city you are in.


Paris is a beautiful city with a lot of heart and excellent crepes. What more could you ask for. Well actually I will ask to put my feet up right now. So good-bye for now.




8 May 2011     Clay



Just had 9 days of practice in Austria on the red clay. I was also fortunate enough to see some sites in Vienna and also had an evening at the ballet held in the Staatsoper.


Over all a good week and a half.


Jet lag is gone and I am off to Italy this afternoon to play an ITF $50K in Reggio Emilia. A lead up before the French Open.


I am packed and ready to go, all I have to do now is catch a plane, bus and a train. Talk about transport efficiency.


See ya.



13 April 2011     Taking a Dip

 I just won in Mississippi and before the match I told my coach that if I won we were both jumping into the club pool. So as you can see we took the dip and boy did that feel good.


I am pretty exhausted now. The green clay is nice and all but there is a lot of running involved so rest time here I come.


Today I am heading home. 17h flying + 5h waiting around, oh well it is all worth it once I hit home turf.


7 April 2011     Arrived in Mississippi

 Hi there


I have already started to play my next event here in Jackson, Mississippi. I play my second round tomorrow. Today's highlight was that I found a music store on the main road here and I got to jam on some great guitars. 


Here is a picture from last weeks win. Coach Chris is next to me. He did a pretty good job too. So well done Chris.


Now I am watered and fed and I am off to get some sleep.


Goodnight everyone.



17 March 2011    

 Today was my first day in hot and humid Florida after arriving from Mexico. My bag was lost on the way so I have been surviving on the goodness of others loaning me things. The airline is quite sure it will arrive this evening so fingers crossed.


Otherwise I will start to hit some balls on the green clay tomorrow. After coming down from the high altitude of Mexico I hope I will have a lot of stamina to run around and train this next week.


Watch out for the 19th of March when the moon will be the closest to the earth since 1993. I will be watching, plus it is my sister’s birthday on that day so she insists I should watch as it is really happening because of her special day.


Anyway I am off. I am missing everyone back home and hopefully will head back in a month or so.



13 February 2011     Freezing

 Hi Everyone


Just last week I was in Midland, Michigan USA. Temperatures on average were below zero, getting down as low as -21 degrees Celsius.


I have not been in any snow since I was very little so it was definitely a new experience for me.


My coach and I ventured outside a few times to walk to the movies or to the supermarket. However a ten-minute walk made me lose feeling in most parts of my body.


At the moment things are a little warmer. I am currently in Memphis Tennessee for another tournament. There is still a little snow around here but the temperature is in the positives. Thank goodness.


I hope everyone back home in Auckland is enjoying the summer time. I am definitely missing it.


Till next time




13 October 2010     Back from Delhi

 Hey Everyone


I was just at the Commonwealth Games and I had a terrific experience.

I reached the quarter finals in the singles where I lost to Sania Mirza.

Spending time with the NZ team was great. I met a lot of different athletes and saw quite a few of them in competition. Hockey, weightlifting and cycling were some of the events I went to check out just to name a few.


The atmosphere was great and the organisation of the event was definitely well done.


Currently I am in the States again getting ready for a few ITF tournaments. First one starts this Monday in South Carolina.


Off to practice now.


13 September 2010     Quebec City

 I am here in beautiful Quebec City. I just came back from the player party where we had a wonderful dinner and a great reception from the tournament.


Quebec is a great tournament with a nice French vibe. The food is superb the people are super friendly. Tomorrow I have one more practice day before I play my first round on Tuesday.


It is a bit cold and we are indoors, but there are always many people coming to the event to watch the tennis which makes playing a lot of fun.


This picture is me enjoying a bit of fresh air and sun before practice.

21 June 2010     Wimbledon

This week I qualified for the Wimbledon Doubles with my partner Jill Craybass. I was also fortunate enough to be given a wild card into the singles qualifying but was defeated in the second round by Shenay Perry.


My first round doubles will not be before Tuesday so I have a few days to prepare and enjoy the sights and sounds of the this great grand slam that is Wimbledon.


Play will start tomorrow so It will be exciting to see the first rounds take off as those are always tricky for most players. In a couple of hours the All Whites will kick off against Italy so I am also getting ready for that.


That is all from me

See ya


4 June 2010     Birmingham

 Arrived today to Birmingham, England. I have missed the grass and even though I was jet lagged and tired today my first practice went really well and I couldn’t help but smile the whole way through.


The weather was incredible for English standards, not a cloud in the sky. Tournament starts on Monday so lets hope it will stay that way.


I got the soccer ball out today as well, it is just inevitable when you are out there on the grass, plus with the World Cup coming up and the Kiwis doing well that is just motivation in itself.


Off the bed now to pass out. Good night.



10 April 2010     Jo Burg

 I have been in Johannesburg for three days now. I will play my first qualifying match tomorrow. So far the tennis preparation has been good and I am ready to play some matches now.


I have not seen much of Johannesburg, apart from our hotel and the courts. Due to safety reasons we pretty much spend all our time at these two places. We are also escorted to and from the tennis by police.


The tournament is held in Soweto, and I hear it is one of the most poorest and dangerous places in Jo Burg. Nelson Mandela was also born there.


Anyways enough from me, time to fuel up for tomorrow.

Catch ya later



23 March 2010     Florida

 I have been training in Florida for the last couple of weeks. I have been working with Christian Zahalka and training at the Chris Evert Tennis Academy. It has been very good so far. Florida is just coming out of their winter now so it has not been super hot but comfortable enough.


I had a chance to meet Chris Evert briefly, so that was a memorable occasion for me as I am a big fan. She is still hitting the ball pretty well and bringing old school back onto the court.


Unfortunately I am not playing in Miami but am planning to head off early next month to play some ITF tournaments in Asia. This training time so far has been great preparation for the upcoming events. Now it is just time to play some matches and get competitive.


Back to work again tomorrow for a start of a new training week. Maybe I will challenge Evert for a bit of one on one slice backhands cross court. Maybe we can pretend we are on a grass court too.


Ok I am off catch you next time.


(Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images AsiaPac)

8 February 2010     Pattaya City

 I arrived to Pattaya City this Sunday. I had a dreadful trip from Kuala Lumpur airport. Unfortunately my wallet was stolen at check in while I had a split second loss of concentration, but luckily I had my passport with me and I made it to Bangkok.


I actually arrived to Pattaya City in the wee hours of the morning, and was not able to see anything of this beautiful place until I opened my window curtains in the morning to a stunning view of a beach. All is well now however, and we just had a terrific player evening where a couple of elephants were brought out for the players to see. 


The NZ team also had a good FED Cup. We came 5th overall in the group, and the girls played some good matches. We are all off to play our own matches and tournaments now, so it is back to business and solo flying.






17 January 2010     Melbourne

I have been in Melbourne now for a couple of days, just getting ready for my Tuesday start at the Aussie Open. Do not have a lot of time to update and unfortunately no photo either, but everything is going well and I am really enjoying my time here.



11 December 2009     Home Sweet Home

 I have been back home now for a week. It is great to be back for this great weather, everybody keeps telling me I should count myself lucky because it has just been terrible lately.


I am training most days now out in the sun. My first tournament for next year will be the ASB classic starting on the 4th of January. So I am mainly practicing at the ASB Tennis centre. 


It is nice to be with my family again, and I think we will be putting up the Christmas tree this weekend. I hope everybody has a great Christmas and New Years and i will catch you again soon.



30 November 2009     Won the Dubs

 Tammy and I won the doubles title in Toyota. We played very well the whole week, and I think it was a lot of fun for the both of us.


After our victory we went out to celebrate with a big Japanese dinner and a night of full on Karaoke with some friends. It was definitely a lot of fun. I am off to Australia tomorrow morning for one more tournament and then I am back home for a little while.


Time to pack again.

Catch you soon


28 November 2009     Dubs Final in Japan

  I am still in Toyota. My partner Tamarine Tanasugarn and I just won our doubles semi final today. It has been a good week, after a tough loss against Date-Krumm in the singles I have still managed to play some great tennis in the doubles.


My flight for NZ is on Sunday, however I will not be home for long as I am off to play one more ITF tournament in Australia before I finish the year.


After our doubles final tomorrow Tamarine and I have decided to do some good old fashioned Karaoke in Japan to celebrate the end of the tournament. I am sure tomorrow will turn out to be an exciting day.


This picture with me wearing a funny beanie was taken in one of the many stores in Toyota. 


See ya


22 November 2009     Toyota

 Arrived to Toyota, Japan this Thursday. After taking two planes, two trains and a bus I finally arrived after my 24 hour journey.

I was looking out for all the Toyota cars I would find zooming around the city, but surprisingly they have all types here, even a KIA. 


This week there is also a men’s event here so getting some court time has proved difficult as there is only a small number of courts, but I am doing my best. I have seen quite a few Kiwi’s here, one is Sacha Jones, and another is Ruben Stathan. It is great to see familiar faces and actually have more than one Kiwi at a tournament.


Of course this place is typical Japan, with great Sushi and very friendly people. I am looking forward to this event, and here is a picture of me outside one Japanese restaurant.


15 November 2009     Big Flight on Wednesday

I leave for Japan, Toyota on Wednesday.


My training here in Barcelona will come to an end in the next few days. I cannot say it has gone fast or slow, but rather a normal pace. I have enjoyed it very much and I am looking forward to my upcoming tournaments and especially to the start of the next year.


I will be home in December, however I am also looking at playing one more small ITF tournament in Australia before I head home (will update on schedule soon). After such a long period away from competition any chance to get on the match court is welcome.


I was following the All Whites this morning and I am thrilled with the result as I am sure most of NZ is. I took this picture while I was still training on the clay courts during the summer. I think its appropriate with a great win for NZ football and my slow approach to home.



5 November 2009     Back in Barca

 Arrived back to Barcelona yesterday. Weather is still nice and warm so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. I have a couple of weeks of training now before I head off to Japan, so I am going to give it one last push here before I head off.


Definitely looking forward to some Japanese food. Sushi her I come.

See ya


2 November 2009     Tough one today

I lost 76 76 today. Had set points in both sets but just did not manage to close it out. This one definitley hurts, but what I need is matches and that is what I have been getting. I am signed in for the dubs now here in Ismaning so I will be waiting on that tomorrow morning.


Otherwise off to do some match assesing now, catch you later.


1 November 2009     Germany

Arrived in Ismaning, Germany yesterday afternnon. Today I managed to practice a bit on the courts and get used to the conditions. The carpet here is very nice, a lot softer then in Italy and a little bit slower. The tennis centre is great, it is just a shame it is in the middle of no where and the lovely smell of farm land envelopes the place.


I play qualies tomorrow so at the moment I am just waiting on the draw and schedule. Time for some action again tomorrow, I can´t wait.


Off to watch the WTA end of year Championships on Eurosport now, gotta love european television.

Catch ya later


28 October 2009     3 out of 4

Lost today 36 63 46. Was a tough match, definitely had some big chances in the 3rd to break. But over all not a bad star,t and as they say  3 out of 4 ain't bad.


Looking at how to get to Germany now for my next tournament. Looks like I will be on a train. Off to do some recovery now and get the body ready for another tournament.


Catch you soon



27 October 2009     Qualified

I got through my last round of qualies today 62 61. I am in the main draw tomorrow. I also had to move hotels today so it has been a very busy day. I hear this hotel has a washing machine, but the internet is hard to come by so I will take the good with the bad.


Otherwise the tennis side of things is good and I am really enjoying the competition and adrenilin rush on the court.



26 October 2009     2 down 1 to go

I got through my second round in the qualies today. Won 64 76. It is getting better and I feel that the match play and strategy is coming back to me. Time to start the recovery process for tomorrow and time to find a washing machine!


See Ya


25 October 2009     Qualies

I got through my first round today here in Ortisei. Managed to grind it out 76 67 62. I am very rusty, and it was definitley a match that was not very pretty, however it feels good to be playing and it can only get better from here.


Internet is very scarce here (and a laundry machine is as well) however I will do my best to update and maybe put some pictures up soon. Off to hit some more balls now and get ready for tomorrow.


See ya

23 October 2009     Arrived

Finally arrived at Ortisei. It is a place that looks like something out of a fairy tale. We are definitley up in the mountains and it is freezing cold.


Had a couple of hits today and the balls are flying. The indoor carpet looks like something out of my house, but  even with all that I am feeling pretty good and the ball is coming off that racquet nicely. Off to string some racquets now.


See ya.

16 October 2009     Time to play

 Finally I am off to my first tournament. I head off next week on Wednesday. It is in Ortisei, Italy and it is actually up in the mountains, so altitude here I come. I better start getting my warm clothes out too. 


Preparation has been going pretty well since the ankle sprain, and today I played my first set. Rehab has been pretty intense in the gym and I think I have recovered quicker then expected. The weather here is still warm so I am still going to indulge playing in a singlet top.


Otherwise nothing new to report here, I heard back home that the All Whites have an awesome chance to qualify for the world cup so come on the All Whites!

See ya


29 September 2009     Back on the court

 Finally I am back on the court again. Ankle is looking and feeling much better.

Yesterday I hit some balls with very little movement and it went quite well. That is me in the picture taking a load off the foot after my little work out.

19 September 2009     Ouch!

 Well after a bit of a tumble from the other day I am now officially in laying down mode with the foot elevated. It is definitely not much fun, but some friends here have lent me their movie collection so I am trying my best to be preoccupied with something else.


On the day I sprained my ankle I was actually playing a match with one of the guys here. I was winning and I was just about to step it up a notch and finish off the match, but then a running forehand put an end to all that.


The foot may be sidelined, however the mind will do its best to get it stronger and back on the court as soon as possible.

Back to movie time now, will catch you later.

9 September 2009     The Gym

 Here in Barcelona besides from being on the tennis court I am also in the gym once a day.  The trainer I work with is Javier Capitan “Capi” (pictured) and he is one strong guy. A lot of the stuff we do is a bit new to me, especially in the flexibility department, however I am getting much better at it. That doesn’t mean that I can do the splits or put my feet behind my head (the latter being something that I don’t really want to do), but some of the stretching we do is definitely helping me on the tennis court.


We also do many footwork exercises. And some of these involve dancing to a beat while incorporating tennis movement from the court. It is really quite fun and a way of training that is not monotonous.


Regarding the US Open, my viewing options are very minimal as it is only on the television if you have cable, which unfortunately I don’t. However I am up to date as I look at the scores and highlights on the Internet. My grandma has also done a good job in reporting thus far. In her own words she said the women’s side has had some big surprises while the men are chugging along as usual with Federer winning everything as per normal. I think she summed it up pretty well.


That’s all from me.



3 September 2009     Barcelona Football

 I went to see Barcelona play at their home stadium (Camp Nou) on Monday night. The current European Champs were incredible to see live. The stadium has the ability to seat 100, 000 people, Monday night was not that packed but never the less it looked very full to me.


The last football match I saw live was in NZ. It was about seven years ago when the Kings were playing in Auckland one night. This was definitely a bit different. These guys are incredibly talented and the terrific atmosphere that was bought on by thousands of Barca fans is something I will never forget.


The match finished close to midnight and I had to get out of there quick because once everyone hits the roads it becomes a very long night. The guys hammered me on the court the next day of course, but that was fine by me, I was all smiles.  

23 August 2009     Sliding Around

 I have been asked a bit about my average day here in Barcelona. So I will fill you in.


Well it starts with me driving to the club in my little manual car that I have to drive on the wrong side of the road. My practice starts at 9am and I am on the court for a couple of hours. I have a few hours to spare around noon where I have lunch and get on my computer. I am back on the court at 2:30 where I play for about one and half hours and straight after that I am off to do a fitness session. The recovery process begins at the end of the day where I might get into the pool or I might get a few niggles fixed with the body. By this time it is about six or seven in the evening and I head home.


This happens on alternate days of the week as I am still slowly easing out of recovery mode with my hip injury. My day does not actually sound all too exciting when I read this back, however I am really enjoying my time here and I definitely feel like I am getting back into shape.


I have met some great people here. Working with Stefan Ortega and Sergio Casal is terrific. Every fitness session I have with Javier Capitan is a new and most of the time fun experience. I have also met quite a few kids here who like to stop by my practices and have a chat. One fourteen-year-old girl asked me how old I was the other day. I told her that I was 21. Her reply was “Oh my god that is really old” so I am definitely experiencing new things here in Barca.


Pictured here on the left is Andros and I after a tennis practice. Andros does look dryer then me but that is only because he put on a third shirt. 


Anyways I am off to bed, catch you all again soon.



5 August 2009     Enjoying the Sun

 I had a chance to take a trip into the centre of Barcelona last weekend to check out some sites. It is truly a wonderful city filled with amazing sites, colours and history.


A stand out for me was Gaudi’s architecture and design. The Sagrada Familia is one of the most amazing structures I have ever seen. His creation of the Park Guell was also incredible as he managed to incorporate everything with the natural surroundings. I took many pictures, check some out in the gallery.


Other wise on the tennis front I am very happy with my progression, it feels good to be back on the clay and in the sunshine. Off to practice now, catch you later.



29 July 2009     Arrived in Barca

Just a quick not to say that I have touched down in Barcelona this morning. I  have been looking at the academy today and had a light hit on the clay. Everything looks really good so far, plus the weather is perfect. I wonder how long I can last before I hit the jet lag wall, it is 2:30pm right now, wish me luck.

Catch you again soon.


21 July 2009     Less than a week till take-off!

I am heading for Barcelona next Monday and I am quite excited. Not that Auckland isn’t exciting with its great weather, but I am looking forward to some sun. I am playing everyday now, my progress is going great and even though my Spanish is quite limited I think I will feel quite comfortable in what I hear is a very cool city.


The time at home has been great with family and friends. I will miss driving my black and funky KIA Soul Burner. I will miss the fresh food and the fact that my Grandma spoils me all day. But most of all I will miss New Zealand, because even though it rains non-stop and the All Blacks are struggling it is still the greatest place to live in.


On that note take care everyone and I will give you an update once I arrive in Spain.






6 July 2009     End of Wimbledon 09

 After spending the whole day watching my recorded men’s final in between my daily activities I have finally finished it tonight. I have to say it was a mission. Not only did I not turn on my car radio, but before I spoke to any familiar face I had to remind them not to tell me the result of the final. Plus the awkward gazes I would get when I would block my ears and start singing out loud when I heard a piece of sports news some where was also pretty silly, next time I will just stay up and watch it. 


However I thought it was a very good match. In my heart I wanted Roddick to win. The effort and pure will power he put into the match was amazing.  For me at the end it was hard to see someone get so close to a title they have been chasing all their life and then lose it while it was within their reach.


So Federer has his 15 titles. Serena beat her sister. And I guess life goes on after Wimbledon. Hope you enjoyed the tennis.

Catch you later



4 July 2009     Final Time

 The women's final has arrived at Wimbledon. The Williams sisters are always heavy contenders on the grass and it has proved true again this year. After watching the match between Serena Williams and Elena Dementieva I have to say the quality of tennis was superb. Because both women are very physically strong the points and rallies sometimes were superb to watch. Looking to the final I think Venus is the better grass court player but I will put my money on Serena as I think she will take the title purely through determination.


On the mens side I think Federer will have his record this year. I was disappointed that Djokovic lost to Hass in the QF as I like the way he plays and I would have liked to see him in the finals. Otherwise there is a lot of recorded tennis on my television but just not enough time to see it all, then again there is always time after Wimbledon.


See Ya


1 July 2009     Back for the last few days of grass

 After getting back today from a nice little holiday I have to say my Wimbledon report will be very limited. Not only was I completely isolated from a lot of things on my holiday, for example a tv and a computer, I also did not know that Michael jackson died until a couple of days ago. But I will give it my best.


Looking at the women's draw it seems to me that the Williams sisters are playing well again on their best suited surface. Safina, also having a big serve and a strong game is another one in the semis. And Dementieva who has a great baseline game and who has worked hard on her serve and improved it over the years is a bit of a surprise semifinalist for me, but I guess you can never count her out.


Sabine Lisicki a fellow junior of mine is the big surprise of the tournament reaching the QF, however her game is based very much on power and strength so it is not a surprise that she is doing well on the grass. We once had a practice session in Tokyo where she was serving and smashing the living day lights out of the ball and I was trying my best to avoid bodily harm by dodging these balls. This time around I guess everything was going in.


Otherwise the men's side of things is also interesting with Federer trying to break Sampras's record. Most of the big names are in the QF, however Hewitt is the one that has been grinding it out a lot over the last few years so i am glad he is doing well at Wimbledon again. 


I will be putting on my television to record over night now that I am back in the real world. Thank you all for your kind comments and questions over the last week or so. Until the next time


19 June 2009     Hi There

 Hi everyone. This is just a quick hello and my chance to do my very first blog on the site. More blogs or updates will be coming up for week two of Wimbledon as I am off for a little holiday and sunshine in a few days. However hope you look around and enjoy yourself and if you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in.

Hope you all enjoy the grass court season, I know I am missing it for sure.

See you